Brown Rubber Feeder Teaches Yellow Toilet Slave

It was a very nice weekend at SM apartment in Berlin, and here is part 1 for me in brown rubber teaches my yellow toilet slave 🙂

Putting on my brown rubber feeder gear:

How do I look?

Do I have a sexy ass?

He is ready for some toilet slave training:


Feeding in progress






Time to relax and have a smoke with my reds:

A slave always needs discipline :

Some snakes after the smoke 🙂

and then some nap time for my toilet slave


  1. Rick says:

    hot asian Master in brown rubber…and lucky pigmate…..trained from yellow to a brown pig, a dream for meRick

  2. my Master has told me that toilet training will occur sometime in my future, so far it just been cleaning his dirty hole, thank you Sir for showing the way

  3. Bastiaan says:

    Hot pictures, but where are the total dirty scat pics?

  4. GrayManUK says:

    I’d love to be your unconditional total toilet.

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