My Gear List

Doing an inventory this week, sold my two pair of leather boots, and planning to buy some new ones. What gear I should buy next?

1. My Leather Gear

1.1 Red and Black Leather Jacket

1.2 Vanson Leather Jacket

vanson leather jacket with hat and tie

1.3 Leather Chaps from 665 Leather

me in leather chaps

1.4 Stinky Leather Jockstrap and Leather Gloves (Piss Conditioned)

dry the leather jockstrap with sunshine

2. My Rubber Gear

bootedray gay cuddle

2.2 Rubber Catsuit

I am in rubber catsuit, rubber hoods, and rubber gloves

2.3 Rubber Tracksuit 

2.4 Rubber Shirt & Shorts with Yellow Strips

yellow strip on my rubber


3. My Boots

3.1  Wesco Boss 16″ Engineer Boots

3.10 Pro Line Brown Rubber Chest Waders

gay waders

3.11 Brown Rubber Waders

Getting my right hand in waders



4. Other Gear

4.1 Punk Gear ( Not mine, my friend’s)

 4.2 PVC Blue Cop Uniform

pvc blue cop t shirt

4.3 Nasty Pig Racing Vest and Uniform Pants 2.0

back of nasty pig uniform pants

4.4 Hi Vis 

Hi Vis with rubber boots

4.5 German Amy Pants


  1. Yoshiro says:

    pretty in rubber jogging!

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