My Slave BF Dino Visiting SF

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Finally meeting my slave dino for the first time in SF! Very nice to meet him, have lots of surprises from him, and we did so many things I couldn’t do before. I think we have a future together 🙂

I got him same pair of Nike Shox I designed, only difference is that on mine is “Master RAY”, and on his sneakers is “Sklave DINO”.

I cannot get “Slave” on it, so I use “Sklave” instead

Slave Dino on display with an electro shock collar!
Looks good, right?
I took him to visit Golden Gate Bridge, and I was in my Wesco Big Boss Boots and Leather Jacket
Like my smile?
Feeling good in leather in public!
Slave Dino and ME!
Back view of me
Love those fucking BOOTS!
We smoked a lot together!
My first time smoking reds!
Feeling good smoking red!
The weather is very nice that day.

He set my pic as his phone wallpaper, and added my fingerprint on his phone, so I can check his phone whenever I want.

Got him a new pair of leather boots. LOVE those LOCKS!

He looks sexy in my fancy leather harness
Me smoking reds at home.
Love my new leather gauntlets!
What a happy surprise from him! LOVE IT!

He is very useful as my ashtray

and a good cock sucker!

Electro butt plug made him cum. Plus a happy face!

Cum injection. I saved my cum for a few weeks for him.

He looks good in rubber too!

Finally, he got my cum inside his fucking dirty ass.
A close view of my new Nike Shox


and here is him. He has the most sexy leg in the world 🙂
We were outside to Coit Tower, and smoked a lot, again.



Two Sexy Nike Shox



Forced Smoking Slave in Head Box

Meet My Slave BF Dino 2nd Time


7 thoughts on “My Slave BF Dino Visiting SF”

  1. Love all of your work master! Please more update this web. Im waiting everyday im checking your web just want to see what u do master


    Great, stunning, hot and very sexual and sensual new pictures of you, Looking very good. Love all the gear and all the leather. Love to be your total submissive slave.

    Totally obedient submissive slave, MASTER.


    I really love your look as a TOTAL MASTER in your heavy leather motorcycle jacket, boots, gloves and tactical olive green pants. Love to submit to you looking like that, and to serve and service you and lick and worship you in your boots.

    Where did you get the tactical pants from, MASTER?

    totally obedient submissive slave.


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