Slave in Prison

Cigar Smoking and Sling Fuck

Last weekend part 2 at SM apartment Berlin for Cigar Smoking and some sling fuck 🙂 Slave is waiting…                       […]

Brown Rubber Feeder Teaches Yellow Toilet Slave

It was a very nice weekend at SM apartment in Berlin, and here is part 1 for me in brown rubber teaches my yellow toilet slave 🙂 Putting on my […]

Smoking Reds in My Throne with Leather Uniform

Finally back home from my 2017 vacation, and now it is 2018! Enjoying my Marlboro Reds in my throne with leather uniform! I think this leather uniform is my favourite! […]

Vacation in Thailand

Finally I can have some vacation this year…and as a Master, it is always essential to fly with a business 🙂 and later we were at HK airport lounge…we went […]

Human Astray & Urinal Training

So happy to receive a throne ! fucking hot King Chair 🙂 I had some human astray and urinal training on my slave. Nice BDSM Dungeon in Berlin Wish I […]

Toilet Slave Training in Rubber

One day before our vacation, I trained my toilet slave for some dirty actions. He is getting more and more experienced being my toilet slave.           […]

My Wedding!

Cannot believe I am married today! so excited and happy! Not single anymore, finally. haha              

Sunday Trip in My Full Rubber Uniform

Last Sunday my friend took some pics of me in full rubber uniform near Mr S Leather store.      

Richmond Trip in Full Leather

My friend got a new mirrorless camera and wants to practice his skills, so we went to Richmond for the full leather trip 🙂 So which ones you like?   […]

Meet My Slave BF Dino 2nd Time

This time, I met my slave bf Dino in Switzerland and Berlin!         Funny that after we had lunch in Berlin, this is the word from fortune […]