My Smelly Socks for SALE

If you are into sock worship and are a sock slave, you must love all those stinky smelly socks. Those smell are amazing and better than poppers, right?  Been sock gagged and sniffing those filthy unwashed socks make you HARD and cum right away, right?

Do you have a gay sock fetish?

I already have no idea what was the last time I washed my socks, well, at least I haven't washed my socks for 5 years now…

I know, it is sick…filthy…dirty..disgusting…and probably makes you puke right away.

But I just love it. I love the sweaty smelly stinky smell….it is like poppers for me. Very erotic and sexy. I am sure you like them too, right , faggot?


Here are some of my socks for sale ( free shipping within USA, otherwise ask for shipping ):