Some Dirty Talk to Gay Shit Pig

How to use this Gay Shit Pig:

  • used as his toilet paper everyday.
  • he saved his shit for play (full coating under rubber condom) fed at least once or twice a week. Some weekend, full toilet duties only, strapped and sealed in rubber….
  • cb3000 with spikes for 4 years, metal one for 2 months….


How a Gay Shit Pig should wear:

  • Yes. when his skin dog, in stinking rubber over shit under, bleachers and filthy sweatshirt, piss soaked football sock in rangers often filled with stored waste, then taken to town to a cruising area where i suck on any men (all safe) and got showered in their piss, rented to university guys as their pig for parties…..
  • most of my rubber smells of piss or shit, both…..
  • rangers soaked in piss every week to keep them well stinking, shit in when a scat pig…..
  • For work time always rubber of some sort like shorts, jock strap under casual clothes
  • Most weekends in full rubber. Not allowed to touch real men clothes unless through rubber.
  • Now in rubber tshirt, chaps, metal plug, metal cb under track suits, stinking trainers.
  • in rubber skin strapped to the army cot, or locked in the cage, naked in rubber sleep sack to piss and shit in. Spent 72 hours in the bag, gas mask with tube in to smell my own filth…
  • Normal track suit, pissed on it often, never washed….


How a Gay Shit Toilet Slave should jerk off:

  • milked with prostate massager and electro.
  • Got only wanked for punishment: 4 forced ejaculation using deep heat… No break between, cock wanked raw…. happy to get back in the cage after that
  • when i “complain” about being horny, i might get a punishment wank. believe me i don't complain often , but pigs are stupid by nature…..


One fantasy:

being locked in a box, buried (able to breath of course) connected to a toilet for 48 hours. People not to know about me. Was strapped few time on an army cot in a room behind a urinal connected to my mouth for a big pervs party….. They pissed in me never see in me…. But knowing that a piss pig was connected to the urinal…


How to turn from a Master to a gay shit pig:

  • it was a very stubborn top and a a friend oh its challenged it to be a bottom to him for few hours. That lasted 15 hours, then he demanded a repeat, an again and again.
  • it was displayed in public, then stripped of all top “signs” in a club. it was taken to the backstreet in london, dressed as a full leather top: jeans, shirt, tie, jacket, gloves, boots, peak cap.Then in front of every body it was made to stand in the meddle of the bar and its friends cut (with scissors) all its leather to reveal its full rubber skin underneath, it was hooded, collared, gagged, plugged with a dog tail and since then never allowed leather again….


How a Shit Pig got its Septum:

  • the shit was a natural progression for it. it begged its friend to get it a septum (he is a tattoo artist and piercer) he only agreed if it swallowed his shit. So it did….
  • he is a very depraved man. And He got it desperate to please Him. he used heavy flogging, rubber torture to “break” it…
  • it ate ALL his shit, it puked, and it was forced fed all of it again…
    The top transforming it is always a friend. never allowed to stand in his presence though, always kneeling, not allowed to talk, only grunt like a pig….


Gay Slave Object Caged 24/7:

  • Will work from home on pc locked in the cage. Not out for a week. Not one second….
  • Bowl emptied twice only. No filth to overflow, so it has to empty the bowl itself……….


that is my kind of Top!!!! don't waste anything just make me eat every bit of what you're going to export into my mouth.

exactly both fucking and eating shit is about domination but eating someone's shit is very intimate, at least for me it is. it is quite special as a sub to be put in a shiteating mindset by its Top/Master. if done right it creates a strong bond.

yes a slave should in general always try to satisfy his Master but it is also important for his Master to (verbally) get into slave's mind. the Master should give his slave the feeling that eating Masters shit is very special.

this slave hopes to eat Your shit very soon…:-) and yes shit play parties are not included, just horny, for this pig as well. the pig likes to be shown off in public by its Master/Owner

yes this slave understand fully what to expect from You. i like being told what to wear and what to do. i like the humiliation of being told to wear the tightest possible jeans showing off my huge bulge and wet piss stains. I once had to wear rubber tights with attached socks under tracky pants for so long that I had to shit in them.
this slave mentally needs domination, being forced to follow (irreversable) orders which are (sometimes) humiliating but knowing that he gives satisfaction to his Master.

the pics were taken in the playroom i have here. i was ordered to lay down in this bath and had a bucket full with a mix of shit and piss being emptied over me, transforming me into a stinking shit and piss covered (scum) pig. I then had to sit on my knees and to open my mouth after which i was force fed by hand. all on video.

the first most important thing in this is to find out what your ‘darkest' needs are, what makes you tick and be honest to yourself, then finally be at peace with the outcome. then in real life be honest to the other person. this is what you say about ‘how we think and react' .

its body should be kept shaved, better even, have its hair permanently removed. Master can have slave's head tattooed, visibly so it can not return to ‘normal' society…

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  1. I be tattoo a slave for life I be whip tits play piss no shit no mud play black oil be sold to Masters in a cage look for a good Masters to play hard sir


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