Gay Diaper Humiliation Control

The use of diapers is a uniquely strong potential in ways to dominate slaves.

Unlike traditional bondage equipment, which normally can not be worn in public, diapers remain hidden in general, and if you are still discovered, most people think that the diaper is worn due to a medical necessity (incontinence) needs. Therefore, there is much more flexibility in Windelbondage and a lower risk of excessive attention from the authorities (The scanning at the airport is still exciting).


Traditional bondage serves to restrict the mobility of a slave. Since it is in the nature of people to move, if the slave is always trying to find a comfortable position, recalled that his master had taken him this privilege and that he is under constant control of his master. Nevertheless, his self-confidence generally intact. If you use offensive items such as dildos, the slave feels penetrated by the men, speared, pierced, but this effect is limited by physical features and other reasons in its temporal duration.

Windelbondage differs in this respect and is therefore unique, while the body of the slave is not normally penetrated (but this can easily be added), his self-esteem is strongly affected. Toilet training is a cornerstone of our psychological development, appropriated through years Lenrprozess inner blockade, not to urinate in his own clothes.

An important goal in an efficient diaper education is almost always defeat against the will of the slave, the learned toilet training. The trained inner blockade against the wetting and / or spotting is known to us all, and one of the strongest emotions we have.


Consequently, if a slave is degraded during an extended period in a Windelnässer, the subconscious mind of the slaves attacked, causing anxiety and turmoil, and connects the Lord psychologically with a parental figure. This psychological image serves the interests of the Lord well. The parent compound figure in our psyche is a person who has given throughout childhood shelter, food and discipline. Since most children learn that rebellion against the authority of the parent compound is vain, a child position slaves for the Lord, be comfortable.

Humiliation, embarrassment and discomfort are important components of an effective diaper education, and should be used to force the slaves to the point where he is like when the Lord diapers used on slaves. A slave in diapers is less dependent from his Lord, as if he is tied up. Once the diapers are sealing and plastic or rubber pants unbuttoned, notes the slave that he has been deprived of the most basic and most private decision of adult life: when, where and how his “business” done, empty the bladder. It occurs not only in the beginning of the slave that he tried to suppress the urge of his bladder to empty, and he will realize that resistance is futile, that it is the plan and desire of his master that the slave at forced suffers from incontinence.

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