Piss Slave Recycle System

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My friend B has a piss slave recycle system, and I tried it for the first time. Basically it is a penis sheath to transport my piss to a slave's mouth and ass. As the lube is transparent, you can see how the piss going from my penis to the slave's two holes 🙂


It is quite easy to install. and my leather piss slave is waiting there already 🙂

When he drinks my piss, he has to suck all the way in to get my piss. It is a bit drawback, as for the ass lube, his ass didn't get much piss inside.

Here is the part 1 of the piss slave recycle system:

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Click the play button to start:

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Slave in Bondage Box & Bondage Chair


13 thoughts on “Piss Slave Recycle System”

  1. This is AMazing , what a lucky bitch to be part of your pissing recycled system , I guess the middle part of the system is replaceable , please use me next

    • Hi, can you give me another email address ? Your originally email address reject the link I sent earlier.


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