How to Make Smelly Stinky Socks Feet Boots and Sneakers

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I have a thing for gay stinky smelly feet, socks, boots, and sneakers. I developed that fetish a long time ago…

Here are some tips on how to get them smelly and stinky:

How to get stinky smelly feet and socks:

  1. Do NOT wash your socks, EVER! I haven’t washed my socks for 6 years, and they are doing great 🙂
  2. Try to get your feet and socks in warmer and hot weather, can get your feet sweaty more;
  3. Wear a pair of rubber socks over your cotton socks, to seal the smell;
  4. After taking your socks off, seal them with a plastic bag;
  5. Wear your socks to sleep;
  6. Cum on your socks;
  7. Wear Nylon or football socks, they get smelly quickly. Do NOT wear cotton or odor free socks;
  8. Barefoot on the gym, it will catch some fungus from stinky smelly guys’ feet. Yes, you heard it. Fungus can really make your feet smelly and stinky!


How to get your boots and sneakers smelly and stinky:

  1. Cum inside your sneakers or boots;
  2. Piss inside and dry them out;
  3. If you have rubber boots, piss inside for a few days, let your rubber boots soaked inside for a week. And then dry your boots out, it will get a very nice smell after;
  4. Wear them to sleep!
  5. One friend told me, put eggs, butter, and cum inside your boots. Make them extra smelly 🙂

This pair of smelly socks I have been wearing them for 3 years now !

A collection of my smelly sneakers

Look inside, full of my cum and sweat 🙂

Which one you think is most stinky?








Hope I have covered everything, if you have any more ideas, feel free to leave a comment!




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