Folsom Berlin 2016


Finally, I went to Berlin for my first time for Folsom Berlin.  It was a blast! so many hot kinky guys gathered in Berlin, and chat, meet and have sex […]

Slave Hunting in Treasure Island

Slave Hunting in Treasure Island - BootedRAY - 30

My friend told me Treasure Island is tearing down all old buildings in the future, and a new Treasure Island will be built up. so I took the last change […]

Bondage Chair in Cigar Gasmask

Bondage Chair - BootedRAY - 08

Serious male bondage is making a new bondage chair, so I tried it out with a boy lately with me enjoying my cigar 🙂             […]

Water Treatment in Underground Cell

Water Treatment in Underground - BootedRAY - 03

Went to Serious Male Bondage Institute for the underground cell again, and this time, it was the water treatment!     and here is the video:

Cigar Smoking with Red Rubber Boy

Red Cigar Rubber Boy- BootedRAY - 08-2

B got a nice new red rubber catsuit, and I bought some good human cigar tools, so we tried them together during my cigar smoking night 🙂 Isn’t red is […]

Slave in Prison

Slave in Prison- BootedRAY - 03

By the invite of Serious Male Bondage, I went to north California to take some videos. It was quite a fantastic experience, and here comes to the slave in prison […]

IML 2016

IML2016- BootedRAY - 20

Went to IML for my first time this year in Chicago. It was a good experience, and the most thing I like is the Leather Market. I wish I have […]

Airgun and Dagger!

Airgun and Dagger - BootedRAY - 06

It is so hard to find a place to try out my new airgun…lucky, my friend has a house with a private backyard on the hill, so for the first […]

My Videos – Torture

I have many fetish in torture…don’t want to scare you…so this is one of them 🙂    

My Videos – Boots Worship

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 12.02.32 PM

Here is another favourite topic of mine – boots worship! Licking My Boots While Been Whipped WORSHIP & OBEY