Forced Cigar Smoke in Head Box

Serious Male Institute has made a new transparent head box, so I went there to try the new toy with a slave. He was forced cigar smoke in head box. […]

My Future Slave

Looking forward to meet my slave in two months.                  

Piss & Whips On the Cross

I met Bob & Eric a few weeks ago, and tried the cross at their favorite SM play space  – SF Citadel, and tried piss and whips on Eric.   […]

Fag Expose: dennis

I have been chatting to this fag for a while, such a pussy from Germany! So here comes my fag expose post again. I was the first person to post […]

Fag Expose: fagboy1987

So this Austria fag is always a big admirer of me, and he wants to expose himself again. What a pathetic fag! I am sure some of you already get hard […]

24/7/365 Sklaven

Ich suche einen realen 24/7/365 Sklaven. Melde dich JETZT!   So wird dein typischer Tagesablauf aussehen: Morgens: Du machst mir mein Frühstück und weckst mich danach auf. Du ziehst deinen […]

Human Table in Duck Tape

Locky is back in SF again. so this time I gave him some duck tape mummification dog spike collar + rubber suit + rubber socks + red rubber gloves + […]

Leather German Coat in Bayshore SF (Color)

This time they are all color pics! what do you think? the black & white better or the color better in my leather german coat?           […]

Wearing Leather German Coat in Bayshore SF (Black & White)

I bought lots of gear & toys since Folsom Berlin, but haven’t got a chance to take all the pics yet. So this Sunday, by the help of my friend […]

Folsom Berlin 2016

Finally, I went to Berlin for my first time for Folsom Berlin.  It was a blast! so many hot kinky guys gathered in Berlin, and chat, meet and have sex […]