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My name is Ray, and I am a gear fetish (so far I already have tons of leather, rubber and boots). I am in boots most of the time at home and in public, and that’s why my ID is BootedRay.

I am gay, single, and looking for a kinky partner. I am willing to relocate worldwide, for the right guy.

But until then, I do open to new physical or mental connections .


What kind of slave I am looking? Are you looking for 24/7/365 total slave ownership?  Read here…

Are you into HUMILIATION?

Are you a gear slave?

Are you into a Verbal Master?



1. Young, cute & hot. I have a muscular and smooth body;

2. Trustworthy. I do as I say,  and I don’t break promises. Once we are in a relationship,  I will share my everything with you;

3. Well-educated, smart & mature. I know what I want, and I plan ahead.

4. Gear freak. I have lots of leather and rubber gear, including 10 pair of boots. Sometimes I even wear them to sleep.



1. Hot & sexy, around my age preferred;

2. Trustworthy. You want a long-term relationship and willing to take time and effort;

3. Honest. I will give my total trust to you, and I hope you can also trust me completely;

4. Gear head. You like wearing leather/rubber/boots during and out of sex?


You can find me on these websites:






BLUF Member 2085



To see my x-rated videos:







Wellie Wearing Rubber in Public – Gear365

Penetrating Rugby Brutes – Brutal Tops


29 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. You are HOT and I love your lips if the rest of you are that great I would love to serve you in all ways.

  2. Do you also wear black Nora rubber boots like Wellie does on the pictures from Sweden? If so then please more pictures with black Nora rubber boots and work wear please. I get so hot.

  3. I am also a full rubber men from the Netherlands, i like to wear high blue rubber boots
    I wear never rubber in public. That is for behind the front door.
    I hope to meet once a Rubber men that likes me in full gear.
    Rubber boots on, dressed up into a rubber pans, and jacket
    and wear a rubber hood into the Gay Bar.
    If you like this article you can send me a e-mail.

    The Navyfrogman.NL

  4. Love to b your full rubber bondage slave and gimp in head to toe rubber hooded and booted knee high boots of course harnessed and locked in full gear.also owned and controlled by you 24/7,worship you pleasure you obey you serve you a.don’t mind what you to me so long as I’m always in full rubber


    I like all that I read here, including the humiliation, all the gear and the verbal, SIR. Great web site, SIR. Very excellent, SIR.


  6. Hi:

    Really great photos and videos – you must spend a lot of time and money on your gear and photos but they are some of the best on the web! Thanks for sharing them with us!


    Very great and very hot new video. I love what I see and hear there, MASTER. I would love to experience that and ALL the rest of what you love to do to your slaves and have your slaves do, MASTER.

    I want to be your slave.


  8. Master,
    I am in love with all your rubber, the gloves look so hot, I am a massive gear head and would do anything to stay dressed in latex and get used by you, I would love to be fisted and fucked by you in rubber. I would serve you 24/7/365 as long as I can wear rubber and be used by you, you are just too hot.

  9. slave saw Master BootRay’s videos on ThisVID and have never seen anything more worshipful than this Master, ever, but it is much too old for Master. All it can say is You are an amazing Master and Your videos drive this piece of slave shit nuts.

  10. master booteray i love what i see,an i am looking for a 24/7/365 relationship. i love to wear leather,an woul love to wear rubber to please you if you were my owner.if it woul interest you,i also wear lingerie.i have toys,but i woul want youi to buy me what you want. i am also willing to have you shave me of all hair from the neck own,put me in your og crate,an spank me,also am willing to wear a collar,cockcage,along with piercings in my ears,also in my tits. will also sign a contract if you wish,get a tattoo.you are welcome to come visit ,if you see that qwe are ment for each other,i am willing to except youir offer to relocate to be with me.


    If you have moved back to the US and to the LA area, I remain VERY interested to be your slave, for your total control and your use and abuse and to serve your needs and sexual needs.


  12. Hey Sir,

    ihm not the best to explain my feelings, aseptically in English.
    But I really want to learn to become a real Toiletslave and Object in general. I want to be owened and trancformed into a real Slave, Slut, Victim, Nothing… So if your are the next Time in Berlin please contact me Sir!


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