Are You a GEAR Slave?

Are you into one of those,  gear slave?

Go to bed with ME rubberized and wake up with a permanent rubber skin, boots and rubber merged with your body and stuck with it?

You want to be stuccoed booted 24/7?

Eating MY cum and drink MY piss as your daily vitamin?

Your Skin has a tattoo mark of MY name on it, reminds you that you are MY property anytime anywhere ?

Fall asleep in My full rubber and MY cock in you?

Forced to Rubber/ Leather up DAILY?

Shoved in full rubber, head to toe, and kept that way for a weekend, been USED, nothing but a complete rubber object?

Only wear BOOTS when living with ME. THe only difference is that at work or on the street, you maybe wear combat boots or short boots, but at home, you HAVE TO wear KNEE HIGH BOOTS ALL THE TIME ?

Wake up, being bred, finding your feet are fitting in MY boots, and start looking like ME ?


  1. joe says:

    i want too

  2. Keith says:

    I want to be a gear slave !!

  3. Ken says:

    You can sign me up too!

  4. Jo says:

    I want too

  5. ben mazzella says:

    i want too

  6. Pup Wolf says:

    Hope too……………

  7. col says:

    Yes master do this to me

  8. alexander says:

    am very ready with a lot of pleasure sir

  9. MickyLope says:

    I am awfully sorry there’s such a distance between you and me !
    It would have been such a pleasure to be your rubber slave , feeling your cum and piss
    in my holes

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