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Enjoying My Cigar and Fireplace in Full Leather Uniform

What is the best thing to do in this cold winter? of course wearing a full leather uniform and sitting in front of the fireplace 🙂 Here is a video […]

Show Full Rubber Slave Serving his Leather Master

Met a local rubber slave, very nice ass to deposit my raw load.   He cleaned my shining leather boots very well. Don’t you love his red rubber gloves? As […]

My Human Astray At Home

Last week my human astray is coming for a training.                     And here are the human astray training videos:   MY […]

Brown Rubber Gimp

Some old pics of me training my brown rubber gimp when I was living in Hollywood! He is such a toilet faggot!                

Super Shining Dehner Leather Boots

Finally, after 6 months waiting, my brand new super shining Dehner leather boots arrived! Cannot believe how shining they are!! Looks like shining rubber boots!           […]

Human Ashtray Training

Met a cigar boy a few days, had such a great smoking time with him. He is indeed a good human ashtray! First I put on a nice rubber hood […]

Cigar Smoking and Sling Fuck

Last weekend part 2 at SM apartment Berlin for Cigar Smoking and some sling fuck 🙂 Slave is waiting…                       […]

Brown Rubber Feeder Teaches Yellow Toilet Slave

It was a very nice weekend at SM apartment in Berlin, and here is part 1 for me in brown rubber teaches my yellow toilet slave 🙂 Putting on my […]

Smoking Reds in My Throne with Leather Uniform

Finally back home from my 2017 vacation, and now it is 2018! Enjoying my Marlboro Reds in my throne with leather uniform! I think this leather uniform is my favourite! […]

Vacation in Thailand

Finally I can have some vacation this year…and as a Master, it is always essential to fly with a business 🙂 and later we were at HK airport lounge…we went […]