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Brown Rubber Shirt and Black Rubber Mask

Recently I am in love with my favourite black rubber mask, feel like I am turning into a Monster 🙂                   and […]

Smoking Reds in My Leather Trench Coat

A sexy leather friend was asking me about wearing leather trench coat…so here they are….                    

Clean My Backyard with Smelly Aigle Rubber Boots

Another hot day in Los Angles, and it makes perfect weather to wear my smelly Aigle Rubber boots to clean my backyard! I have been pissing inside my Aigle rubber […]

How to Make Smelly Stinky Socks Feet Boots and Sneakers

I have a thing for stinky smelly feet, socks, boots, and sneakers. I developed that fetish a long time ago… Here are some tips on how to get them smelly […]

Rubber Boy Return for Treatment

I have been keeping a low profile lately since my mom is visiting me. Finally, I have my own time back, now this rubber boy is returning for my kinky […]

Enjoying My Cigar and Fireplace in Full Leather Uniform

What is the best thing to do in this cold winter? of course wearing a full leather uniform and sitting in front of the fireplace 🙂 Here is a video […]

Show Full Rubber Slave Serving his Leather Master

Met a local rubber slave, very nice ass to deposit my raw load.   He cleaned my shining leather boots very well. Don’t you love his red rubber gloves? As […]

My Human Astray At Home

Last week my human astray is coming for a training.                     And here are the human astray training videos:   MY […]

Brown Rubber Gimp

Some old pics of me training my brown rubber gimp when I was living in Hollywood! He is such a toilet faggot!                

Super Shining Dehner Leather Boots

Finally, after 6 months waiting, my brand new super shining Dehner leather boots arrived! Cannot believe how shining they are!! Looks like shining rubber boots!           […]