Embossy American Leather Riding Boots

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I got my first pair of Embossy American Leather Riding Boots from my slave a while ago. Finally I got some time to took some pics of these nice new boots!  

I was working from home in this outfit today.

This one looks similar to Dehner Patrol boots.

Where your eye focus should be? under my boots?

In reality, they look better than the pics, very shining for Embossy leather boots.

I was wearing them for a light hiking to a park last weekend.

Quite comfortable for hiking, who said I cannot wear boots for hiking 🙂


Training Black Rubber Slave

Mudding with My Leather Biker Suit


1 thought on “Embossy American Leather Riding Boots”

  1. Hello Master RAY,

    very hot new boots. Love your blue jeans shirt very much. Please show it more often to your fans. Would love it.

    Deep kneeling greetings


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