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How To Choose a Rim Chair

I am looking to buy a rim chair recently…and found out there are several types on the market: 1. Adjustable Rim Chair     Pros: Adjustable Legs Portable ( Can […]

Rubber Bed Sheet for Kinky PLAY!

After your crazy kinky sex, it’s always a mess to clean up your room. especially you have a cotton bed sheets… so I am looking into some rubber bed sheets […]

Urine Inhaler

Piss can turns me on easily. and I always curious how I can condition a slave to the smell of piss, and getting love of my piss from then on. […]

Rubber Military Coat VS Rubber Trench Coat

I was doing some research on rubber trench coat, and found out that to be exact, I like rubber military coat a lot. As you can see from these pics, […]

Aigle Coupe Saumur Riding Boots Size Guide

Aigle Rubber Riding Boots are another hot boots in my mind 🙂  Their “rubber ” riding boots are super shining and super hot. They  look like leather, but actually the material is […]

Cavallo Riding Boots Size Guide

I am quite interested in Cavallo Riding Boots recently, and bought one from UK. but unfortunately the size is not now I am doing some research on cavallo boots sizing:   […]

How to Control a Slave at Work

If only can psychically control a slave at home is less fun. Think of he is working in the office…and still, you are in control of his body.   1. […]

My New Interest: Adidas Chile 62 Tracksuit

I have known Adidas Chile 62 Tracksuit for a while. But it is hard to find in USA…today…I watch two hot guys in Adidas chile, one in black and gold […]

Gay Leather & Rubber & Boots Shopping Websites

[zilla_button url=”” style=”green” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] 1. Mr. S Leather [/zilla_button] Located in San Francisco, Seems everyone knows this one, excellent quality,  famous for its world most comfortable butt plug.   [zilla_button […]

Gay Porn Links

Here are some gay porn websites I watch regularly, they are not free like xtube. But high quality and unique, so you cannot find some where else 🙁   [zilla_button […]