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How To Choose a Rim Chair

I am looking to buy a rim chair recently…and found out there are several types on the market: 1. Adjustable Rim Chair     Pros: Adjustable Legs Portable ( Can […]

Rubber Bed Sheet for Kinky PLAY!

After your crazy kinky sex, it’s always a mess to clean up your room. especially you have a cotton bed sheets… so I am looking into some rubber bed sheets […]

Urine Inhaler

Piss can turns me on easily. and I always curious how I can condition a slave to the smell of piss, and getting love of my piss from then on. […]

Rubber Military Coat VS Rubber Trench Coat

I was doing some research on rubber trench coat, and found out that to be exact, I like rubber military coat a lot. As you can see from these pics, […]

Aigle Coupe Saumur Riding Boots Size Guide

Aigle Rubber Riding Boots are another hot boots in my mind 🙂  Their “rubber ” riding boots are super shining and super hot. They  look like leather, but actually the material is […]

Cavallo Riding Boots Size Guide

I am quite interested in Cavallo Riding Boots recently, and bought one from UK. but unfortunately the size is not now I am doing some research on cavallo boots sizing:   […]

How to Control a Slave at Work

If only can psychically control a slave at home is less fun. Think of he is working in the office…and still, you are in control of his body.   1. […]

My New Interest: Adidas Chile 62 Tracksuit

I have known Adidas Chile 62 Tracksuit for a while. But it is hard to find in USA…today…I watch two hot guys in Adidas chile, one in black and gold […]

Gay Leather & Rubber & Boots Shopping Websites

Located in San Francisco, Seems everyone knows this one, excellent quality,  famous for its world most comfortable butt plug.   New Store, great demo videos on their website, and they package your […]

Gay Porn Links

Here are some gay porn websites I watch regularly, they are not free like xtube. But high quality and unique, so you cannot find some where else 🙁   One […]