Cavallo Riding Boots Size Guide

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I am quite interested in Cavallo Riding Boots recently, and bought one from UK. but unfortunately the size is not now I am doing some research on cavallo boots sizing:


The first part is boot size:

UK:  UK Size

D: Continental Size

US L :  US Lady Size

US G:  US Men Size

The second part is boot height and boot width:


And the cavallo boots I have now, inside it said:  4 , 6 1/2, 45, 35, 659

It should means:

UK Size 4

US Lady Size 6.5

Hight 45cm (this is the tricky part, Cavallo boots have lower and higher top part, and this 45cm is measured from top part to bottom, not including soles), and for this pair of boots, the lower top part to bottom is 40cm. so there’s a 5cm difference between the higher and lower top part of the cavallo boots)

Calf 35cm

What does 659 means?  I have no idea…


FYI, Cavallo’s official boot website:



Cavallo Riding Boots From UK

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