How to get hook up in SMOKING – Forced Smoking

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This is an interesting topic. It’s really tempting and hot to watch some guy been forced smoking. but when actually do it, will you? I think the first barrier is that smoking is not healthy. lol

On my youtube subscription, 90% of them is a hot leather man smoking cigar or cigarettes. And it just made me more and more horny to do that…

I was on a smoker forum, found out some interesting smoking method:

It doesnt take much to get one hooked on reds, a few gas mask sessions, routine mouth to mouth then getting them to take a puff then two then three first thing in the morning and soon theyll get wood when you light up and they will be hooked love doing this to younger non smoker fuck buds (it was done to me)

make him take a good long drag off your red as soon as he wakes up
start smoking doubles with himmake sure he takes good long drags with you and inhales deeply
put smokes in his mouth and light them for him if he hasnt smoked in 30 mins
he will start to build a heavy addiction without knowing it
smoke doubles with him every day, together, make it sensual…

For me the real kicker was when the man training me to be a heavy reds man taught me to smoke a double (2 at once). I didnt like it at first, but he made sure i did it at least once a day with him It wasnt long before i got used to it, and then without noticing i was smoking more and more, i dragged harder on my singles, and would light another right away or much sooner than before i was trained to smoke doubles. This is a sure fire way to get a kid to increase without him really noticing. Im good n hooked now and can chain.

Lite a dutch master swisher king or othe larger cheap american cigar inhale every puff keep it in you mouth between puffs drag deeper the farther down it gets accept the growing light headedness dont worry about the clammy skin keep puffing and inhaling till its a small nub tell me how it works out for you

Tie him to a chair youd be surprised how willing boys are to smoke red after red once theyve had a sample of my milllion volt tazer make him chain marlboro till he pukes then laugh at him piss on his head and face while he is throwing up in toilet

I give burns for discipline and punishment i also like to leave cigar burn marks on asses as a reminder of whos boss

I was 14. There was a burly biker about 45 on the block that i was very drawn to, loved the smell of cigars when id walk by his open garage. he lit me up some big black cigar one day, and coached me, got me to puff and puff, and got me to start inhaling, about half way down i started to feel sick but didnt want to be a pussy so i kept puffing as he instructed. I threw up all over myself. He laughed and took my clothes off, i begged him not to tell the other boys that a cigar made me puke, while my clothes were drying, he pinned me aagainst the wall and stuffed his dick up my ass, my first ass fucking. Ive been a cigar smoker ever since


I bet you are very horny after reading all these, to understand more on forced smoking, you can watch this demo video:


[jwplayer mediaid=”3766″]

It is a wmv file, if you cannot watch it, just click this link to download it, and then watch it with your media player.

cigar torture – forced smoke

You may wondering where to get some forced smoking masks/hoods?

I actually accidentally found out a Neoprene Breath Control Hood from Mr. S.

and then I went back home to do more research, there are quite a few toys available for smoking games 🙂



This leather hood only has mouth open:

This can put a cigar inside

Anyone want to try?



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9 thoughts on “How to get hook up in SMOKING – Forced Smoking”

  1. Hi Guys. This story is so informative and even hotter. I smoke my reds doubles and reading the best SMOKER TRAINER story ever. I’m enjoying my Nicotine bliss so much. Nothing hotter than training young non smokers the joys of cigarette addiction. Got a go now, I need another nicotine fix.

  2. Yes Enzo, definitely want to train someone who is willing and curious to be forced smoked.. You won’t regret it after a good lung training. In fact you’ll crave the pleasure more and more. It’s always there for you, having a pro trainer is a must to become addicted to nicotine.

  3. Addicted to full body large ring cigars deep inhales that flood the brain and balls with nicotine pleasure and fully intend to keep the lung training up. Was made exceptionally horny with your training story and would very much like to get a young man trained up for my cigar smoking pleasure and to see him addicted please point me to a couple of smoking forums so I can get started


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