An Interesting Recon Profile About Slave Transformation

I was browsing, then found a slave that has been in chastity for indefinitely. Out of my curiosity, I opened his recon page. and wow! that was an intense slave transformation!

I have been asked to tell more about my transformation – it’s not very exciting – but for what it’s worth. When I left school I went to uni and then started working in an office near Bristol and tried to play the straight guy too afraid to come out. I always fantasised about skinheads and workies, wanking over websites. Then through one I met Steve (Dirtykunt) and we started meeting weekends. He kept skinhead and Workie kit for me at his place and we’d play every other weekend or so being filthy but then showering and going back home Sunday evening. One time I even spent a weeks holiday with him and went to work with him for a couple of days. Well, a year or so on I lost my last parent and was fucking hating my job so the chance came for voluntary redundancy – so I fucking took it. Locked up my place and came to stay with Steve for a few weeks before looking for something else and he suggested I got a job full time at Biffa with him on the bins. He sorted it out and said I needed to look like a real workie so he shaved my head and put all my clothes away and left me with just the skinhead and workie gear. It took a while to get in the swing of manual work but after a month or so I fucking loved it. So I decided to sell up my flat and BMW and move in permanently. I bought a van and kept just a few bits from my previous life. Over the past ten years things have just developed, piercings, ink and the gut from beer and junk food. Got into chastity too. And that’s about it. Believe it or not it’s 100% fact – never been happier.

Well, I have to say, he has a great Master to train him into skinhead and workie, and just when the timing is right, he totally transformed into a perfect slave!

What a happy slave life!

Here is the rest of his profile:

My boss Dirtykunt has given me the name Stinkykev – but I am known as just Stinky to my friends. I was once a clean cut office worker but through the influence of my boss I have become a filthy, skinhead, binman – and I have never been happier. If you are ever in Southampton area then keep an eye out for me on my rounds.

I am now kept in chastity 24/7, removed just once a week for cleaning. I rarely shower and wear my hi viz workie gear all week, changing into my skinhead gear for the weekend.

I have been HIV poz for about five years now and am fit and well – although, being in chastity I don’t get much chance to fuck but am regularly fucked by my boss and his mates. I can now take fist and am working on developing my rosebud. As my boss I am into scatplay but that isn’t essential.

On lockedmen:

Permanently locked up – released only once a month for cleaning by my KH – not touched my own cock or cum for  over 3 years. Milked about three times each year

I must wear my filthy workie kit, including a hard hat at all times unless sleeping. I only shower very rarely

My KH has placed me on one submissive act for hardcore and I must not refuse anything unless I don’t have the toys needed or it is physically impossible for a fat cunt like I am – and of course doesn’t interfer with my lock up

His recon profile is stinkykev


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  1. bootedskn says:

    Congrats mate skinhead workies inked and booted are the hottest men
    serve him proudly

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