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Electro Torture in Underground Cell

This is one of my favorite. One of my dream house is to build a underground cell, and with lots of electro torture devices around it!         […]

An Interesting Recon Profile About Slave Transformation

I was browsing, then found a slave that has been in chastity for indefinitely. Out of my curiosity, I opened his recon page. and wow! that was an intense slave […]

Slave Training Week

I am a little upset lately, tired of been single. Where is my Mr. Right? Well, before that, I may just enjoy some sex. 4 slave trainings in a row. […]

Red Bondage Rubber Slave in Training

This boy is really into bondage and rubber, especially red rubber. so I gave him some rubber slave training. Fully rubberized, and chained to my apartment, so you are not […]

Red Rubber Slave Training

I went to Mr. S to get some rubber gear for my slave. It’s his first time been a rubber slave.  Quite excited. The outfit I chose for him looks quite […]

Toby’s New Pathetic Toilet Slave-Brutaltops-197

At BrutalTops it’s pathetic toilet slave elliott’s lucky day. Sadistic top Toby is allowing the sub to undress him whilst caressing his skin with his hands and kiss and lick […]

Slave Initiation : Arrival at Door – xtube – slavetrainer77

Love this slave initiation method… new slave – his first visit. Ordered slave to arrive directly from hour long run while self locked in chastity and plugged. Opened the door […]

A Muscular Straight Rugby Guy is Been Lured by Breederfuckers

Rugby tough guy Daniel falls into the BreederFuckers lair. The proud straight boy is used to being lusted after on the pitch and banter with his equally straight team mates […]

Rugby Master Punishing his slave – Brutal Tops

BrutalTops Master Dave is back and feeling meaner and more crazed to dish out punishment than ever before. He’s just finished rugby training and stinks of stale sweat. He drags […]

Clean a Sweaty Punk Master’s Body by Tongue – Brutal Tops – 176

Brutal Tops Master Wayne is totally nude and covered in sweat from his football training. The dominant Master doesn’t want to shower so takes his sub on a leash and […]