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Gay Leather BOOTS Shopping Guide

  When my friend asked me what’s the first gear to buy to be a leather man, my answer is: a pair of leather boots of course! The beauty is […]

Men’s LaCrosse Rubber Boots and Waders

I was checking on ebay today, and find this great deal, LaCrosse Rubber boots for only around 20 bucks! but not my size 🙁 Well, I am definitely going to […]

Shopping Guide for Dress in Full Leather and be HOT!

What is your first kinky fetish? For me, it’s be a hot leather man 🙂 That’s why I bought my first pair of leather boots when I have enough money, […]

Shopping Guide for Dress in Full Rubber and Be Sexy!!

This French Guy is quite brave, dressing in full rubber on the street! Wondering if someone dress in full rubber in New York, how that will come out….hehe 1. Rubber […]

Piss Play Kit – Dress like a SEXY Watersports Lover!

Ever into piss play?  If you dress like him, I think everyone knows what you are into right away 🙂 1. Latex Urinal Hood       Another fuckin’ hot […]

Mr S Leather Complete Pump Kit

Mr. S Complete Pump Kit, Featuring 9″ Oval Cylinder (Valued at $165.80 if purchased separately!)         Watching your cock grow to its full potential will put a […]

Sneaker Fetish Different by Country?

              Do you have any sneaker fetish? I remember when I was in high school, I always like to secretly sniff my roommate’s basketball shoes when […]

A Slave Dog’s Shopping Guide

What a slave dog should dress like? You can see lots of slave dog dress like this.  simple but include everything essential. Pro: Easy to put them on and off Include […]

Leather Jockstrap

Leather jockstrap is one of the typical gear a Leather man should have, I bought my first pair from 665 leather. Good quality, but seems the size too large for […]

mr s leather butt plug 2

World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug Review

Ever think of wearing a butt plug that you can comfortably sitting in a chair and playing computer at the same time? I used to be plugged and working on […]