Men’s LaCrosse Rubber Boots and Waders

I was checking on ebay today, and find this great deal, LaCrosse Rubber boots for only around 20 bucks! but not my size 🙁

Well, I am definitely going to buy one when I have my own space. As I have too much gear already.

Here is the pics for this black and yellow rubber boots:

Overall look of this LaCrosse Rubber Boots;

Aren’t they just HOT ?

Detail look of the steel toe;

I like the yellow color, it’s one of my hanky code.haha

Sole of the rubber boots;


Inside of the LaCrosse Rubber Boots;

I found out there are several construction worker websites have them. price from 20buck to around 70 bucks. Don’t know which website is good to buy them.

Also, LaCrosse also have a pair of same color waders, it’s available on Mr.S Leather:






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