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Dirty Worker in Coverall and Rubber Boots -xtube

Do you have any fetish in dirty worker? Those who wear coveralls, overalls, pvc, rubber boots, rubber waders…are they just simply HOT ? 🙂 This guy is SkinFrankfurtFFM on xtube, […]

Men’s LaCrosse Rubber Boots and Waders

I was checking on ebay today, and find this great deal, LaCrosse Rubber boots for only around 20 bucks! but not my size 🙁 Well, I am definitely going to […]

Beach Trip in Waders

I was in rubber boots and rubber waders on a beach trip in LA two years ago. Can you see the rubber boots through the reflection? I was in original […]


I am a Gay WADERS MAN !

Bought a new pair of Pro Line Chest Waders on ebay, great price with excellent look! 🙂 It’s longer than I expected: The feeling of holding tight is soooo good […]