Gay Leather BOOTS Shopping Guide


When my friend asked me what’s the first gear to buy to be a leather man, my answer is: a pair of leather boots of course! The beauty is that you can only wear a pair of knee high boots with nothing else on your body, but you still can look hot 🙂 And you can wear it on the street with casual clothes. You can look sexy with only a pair of sexy leather chaps, but you can only wear it at home.

Ok, so where I start as a entry level leather boots fan? Well, my first recommend is a pair of leather combat boots, especially Cocoran .

as a boot beginer, better with the easiest one. when you getting more and more interested in boots. more on from combat boots to knee high boots.

1. Leather Combat Boots






  1. Easy to put it on and off, no boot jack needed;
  2. Can wear with daily jeans or camo pants and look sexy;
  3. Look good with leather chaps or leather jeans;
  4. Reasonable price.


  1. some of you may say: that’s not a pair of leather boots! A pair of hot leather boots should at least knee high. Yea, I totoally agree with that. but this pair of leather boots, at least can wear in the office and still look normal 🙂


2. Wesco Boss 16″ Engineer Boots





when you are comfortable wearing combat boots, you can buy some knee high boots, For me, I like either wesco boots or dehner boots. They both look really hot.

I will talk about wesco boots first, as it look really manly, and a little more easy to put on and off.


  1. Sexy and HOT!
  2. Thick leather, really tough, and heavy;
  3. Compare with Dehner Boots, Wesco Boots are relatively more easy to put them on and off;


  1. Expensive, around 600USD;
  2. Heavy.

3. Dehner Dress Boots





This one is more like equestrian boots, thin, narrow, and light.


  1. Beautiful, can hide them under a suit, and everyone may think you are just wearing a dress shoes, so you can wear your knee high leather boots in the office 🙂
  2. Light, feel like just wearing sneakers


  1. Expensive, around 400-500USD;
  2. Hard to put them on and off, need a boot jack definitely;

4. Chippewa Men’s Trooper 17″ Motorcycle Boots

This pair of boots are a good combination of knee high boots’ hot looking and a good price range.
  1. Sexy look;
  2. Reasonable price, around 250USD;
  1. Not that comfortable when walking on the street, especially if you are standing  for a long time
There four are most common kind of leather boots our kinky boot lovers.

Where to buy leather BOOTS?

1. Mr S Leather and Stompersboots

They have been selling leather boots for a long time. Good reputation  for good quality stuff.

2. Ebay

The cheapest way is to buy from ebay. Try used boots for your first time, and gain boot experience from there.that’s how I did it

Normally on ebay, they will have half the original price up to the original price. that’s a good price range. if too cheap, probably they wear the boots too often, and there’s not much life left for them or somewhere broken with the boots.

If you want to buy brand new one, you can buy from mr s or When I first try to buy gear, I have little money. so i buy cheap leather pants and shirt with a low price. but then I found out that it’s really worth it. I even dont want to wear it, as the quality is just too bad.


This place is especially to buy custom made leather boots. You can choose what kind of leather on your boots, what kind of soles you want, what color you want…but expensive, and takes a few months to finish.





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  1. Really lusted after the hot pictures you have posted both here and on Flickr and like to hear your comments about what a proper boot should be, Brand, Height, etc. Being a boot pig as long as I have and licking them when ever I have a chance, I can say that the proper boot height, Brand, even whether it should have a shine on it or not is completely up to the individual wearing them. For me a 8 inch high well worn, dusty Corcoran combat boot with a cowboy boot strap, jeans tucked into the top makes me want to grovel just as fast as a $600 pair of Patrolman’s boots sporting a mirror shine! Leaving searches on Ebay specific to what you want is definitely a good source for me. Then again, walking into Stompers a few years back, and leaving with a pair of used Patrolman’s boots for a fraction of their cost new speaks to those chance finds. Way Out West is another of my sources, especially for well worn boots.
    Sir, i very much enjoy your site and your hot pictures.

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