Shopping Guide for Dress in Full Leather and be HOT!

What is your first kinky fetish? For me, it’s be a hot leather man 🙂 That’s why I bought my first pair of leather boots when I have enough money, and when I collect enough leather gear, I join BLUF 🙂

So now let’s take a look how to dress in full leather!

1. Leather Breeches/Police Pant

You don’t have to only wear leather pants with leather t shirt or leather jacket. Especially in winter, I just wear my leather pants with regular clothes to work.




 2. 1 Leather  Dehner Police Boot / Dress Patrol (Smooth Instep)

Some people like Dehner boots, some people like Wesco Boots, for me, I like both of them. So I bought both 🙂



2.2 Wesco 18″ Boss Boots

I have an experience wearing leather boots on the street, you can click here.


3. Short Sleeve Leather Police Shirt

I have one of these. super soft, and super comfortable. I wear at home as my tank top.

4. Leather Cop Hat

Well, this piece of leather gear makes you look like a man instantly. haha


 5. Leather  Gloves

This one is used by the cops! Extra thin, so it is easy to write or play with your keyboard while you are in leather gloves.


6. Leather Tie

I like the white leather tie with black leather  shirt.



  1. Ron says:

    Very Nice Leather Gear on hot guys I want to buy a Leather Shirt but MR-S-Leather is qiuet expensive???

    U got a heavy site heremmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!


    • BootedRAY says:

      yes,Mr s leather is quite expensive….but you know,leather gear is always expensive .everywhere is similar…cheap price always come with cheap quality 🙂

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