Shopping Guide for Dress in Full Rubber and Be Sexy!!

This French Guy is quite brave, dressing in full rubber on the street!

Wondering if someone dress in full rubber in New York, how that will come out….hehe

1. Rubber Catsuit

A must for a full rubber man 🙂

It’s better to choose a not so thick one, otherwise hard to move or play with your friends.hehe



2. Rubber Gloves

Well, rubber gloves are especially useful if you are into fisting. or probing your friend’s ass!



3. Rubber Hood

head to toe dressing in full rubber,right? 🙂


 4. Rubber Waders!

I want to wear a pair of rubber riding boots, but haven’t found a good one yet. In those horse riding websites, there are a few. I tried ordered one two years ago, but the quality is poor, and the shape not as good as I expected. So I guess just change to a pair of rubber waders 🙂

 5. Rubber Socks

This one is optional. But I think if you want head to toe, why not have a pair of rubber socks to cover your feet too.



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