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Red Bondage Rubber Slave in Training

This boy is really into bondage and rubber, especially red rubber. so I gave him some rubber slave training. Fully rubberized, and chained to my apartment, so you are not […]

Smoke a CIGAR in Full Rubber

I bought a pair of red rubber gloves a few weeks ago, never take a picture of it. so today I wear my full rubber set and smoke a cigar. […]

Play with my Rubber Object – Serious Male Bondage

Two guys in full rubber, one is playing with his rubber object …                  

Rubber Prisoner in a Underground Dungeon – Serious Male Bondage

Ran into serious male bondage website last night. WOW!!!  Another hot rubber and bondage website, just like pig-prod 😉  This guy is a rubber prisoner…..cannot move and have to stay […]

Full Rubber with Pure Raw Fucking Enjoyment – xtube – RubberSkinFicker

Just found another hot rubber guy on xtube, RubberSKinFicker, he is in full rubber and raw fucking his rubber boys…                     […]

Wellie’s Rubber on the Street Project – 20130623

It’s a long time, but wellies is back on his rubber on the street project, here is the email he wrote to me: I had a good day out in […]

Wellie in Rubber on the Street Project is Back!

    Wellie has quite a busy work schedule, but I am happy that he is back! Here is what he wrote to me:   Hi, Your rubberwhore is slowly starting […]



Rubber Object -xtube -blackshinyrubber

rubber object – sucking my rubber pal’s cock Rubber Latex guys having fun – langux 2 guys are having fun hugging and jerking in latex while I am filming it […]

How Two Full Rubber Cuddle Together -xtube- rubberbln44

Haven’t seen good vidoes on xtube for a while! Finally have some good ones this week: Full rubber cuddle! they kiss, play with their cock… Both of them in rubber hood, […]