Wellie’s Rubber on the Street Project – 20130623

It’s a long time, but wellies is back on his rubber on the street project, here is the email he wrote to me:

I had a good day out in rubber last weekend, I was in Toronto and I was taken out in my sleeveless suit covered with jeans and my polo (with red trim to show the ones that want to know I am a fist slut), some Bata rubber boots finished off the outfit. It was so good to be out in my rubber and have everybody see what I am.


Good for you, my rubberwhore! so proud of you!

Where is this place?

A little like Manhattan

Hot rubber body

This is the one I like best.

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  1. Fernando says:

    I see your pictures
    And let me say the follow,
    you are the most incredibile mate i see in the last times.
    Tall… slim… Blond…
    Best compliments

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