Smoke a CIGAR in Full Rubber

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I bought a pair of red rubber gloves a few weeks ago, never take a picture of it. so today I wear my full rubber set and smoke a cigar.


I think this one is the best. Don’t you love the red rubber gloves?

FUll PIC of ME in Rubber T-shirt, Rubber Hoodie, Rubber Jockstrap, Rubber Chaps, Rubber Boots with Red rubber Gloves.


You wanna worship ME, don’t you?








Cigar boy is cleaning My Rubber Boots.

So nice have a slave to serve ME while I am having a cigar.

Sucking my COCK



Drinking From Master Derek’s Dirty Ass – Brutaltops 207

Red Rubber Slave Training


2 thoughts on “Smoke a CIGAR in Full Rubber”

  1. Master Ray, it was so honored to be able to lick Your boots clean while You smoked a cigar. Thank You for owning it and making it the luckiest faggot.

  2. i want to taste a gob of that cigar saliva off the tip off your boot while you sit back and watch with a cigar in your mouth


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