Leather Boots On the Street Project 2011

Inspired by a boot friend in UK, I started trying to wear knee high leather boots on the street under my regular jeans. I wear different leather boots each day to see which boots fits me well. But unfortunately my feet felt uncomfortable wearing them on the street. So I quit this project in 2011. But I am planning to restart this project again in 2012. Maybe in a few weeks. hehe

1. Wesco Boss 16″ Engineer Boots

I was wearing my wesco boots at night near my apartment.

1.1. Tough leather, really hard, not like Chippewa Boots or Dehner Boots. Wesco Boots look like tough, it feels like tough, and it is TOUGH 🙂

1.2. I was wearing ultra thin socks, so a little slippery feeling inside;

1. 3. Feeling sore after 10min walk already;

1. 4 The toe cap part and the widest part of my feet feel tight — sore.  Don’t know if it’s the reason of my feet. my friend said Asian feet are typically wider(horizontal) than European/American feet. Or maybe it’s not been wear out often. So the feet still not get use to it.

1.5 The heel part is loose, there’s gap between feet and boots. Maybe I should buy a custom made boots, such as dehners, the shaft of dehners is quite narrow, and better for walking on the street with jeans outside the boots.


2. Chippewa Men’s Trooper 17″ Motorcycle Boots

My Chippewa boots are covering my jeans.

Now my jeans are showing up now.

Walking out of my apartment in my leather boots.

Went to whole food to buy some gifts for my friends.




2.1. My widest part of feet (it is called width, I think) feel quite comfortable;

2.2  But I feel like I was wearing a high-heel leather boots, as the position of my heels are a little higher than my toes. Don’t know why Chippewa has this kind of design.


3. Chippewa Motor Patrol Boots

Changing my Chippewa boots at home.

Now my jeans cover my boots.

Unfortunately this day was raining.

Wearing my leather boots in a supermarket nearby.

Boot itself

Size 8, it’s the first “GEAR” I have since came to USA. I didn’t know my size at that time, so I bought the size 8 one from ebay.

3.1. I was wearing a pair of typical boot socks to compensate for the larger boot size;

3.2. Chippewa’s Boot shaft is way too big(larger than the motor patrol Chippewa yesterday), I bend the shaft to make it covered by my jeans;

3.3. This Chippewa is different from the Chippewa yesterday, doesn’t have the feeling of “high heel shoes”, it confirms that the first Chippewa, that type, the soles are like ” slope ” , not good when standing for a long time, Master.

3.4 There is a gap between the boots and my heels, walking for a long time feels not comfortable

4. Leather Combat Boots



Wearing my combat boots in Target.

Leather combat boots on the street!


4.1 This one is surprising the most comfortable leather boots to wear on the street!

4.2 Easy to put it on and off – has zippers on the side;

4.3 Wish the shaft is taller! lol

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A little update about boot fit:

Here’s my friend’s tips:

All boots were like the wesco – hard on the feet and took a some time to brake-in. once gortex was used in boots then it all changed.

boot socks is what you need to stop sore feet but something else that used to be done with old boots are to put them on fill the bath sit on the side of the bath with your booted feet in the water the water only needs to be ankle deep sit there until the boots are wet. if you can go and walk around the block the boot will strech out a bit wear thick socks after an hour you can take them off put news paper in them soake up the water (do not put near the heater) leave over night.

put them on the next day and give them a walk again. put paper in them again if they are a still abit damp. ok repeat again the soaking if needed. if not time to condition the leather with the stuff wesco sell to treat their boots.


  1. Isaiah says:

    I wish I have boots like yours in the pictures. I guess is because Asian country like mine, has lesser needs for boots, leather, rubber.

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