Leather Boots on the Street Project 063

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  1. Jean_Luc says:

    Fuckin’ dig the boots & jeans. Totally nuts for hot boots, jeans & a ton of fuckin’ verbal abuse.
    slobbered the cum & piss outta a horny beer gutted, drunk trucker last night. Hell I tongued the crotch & ass of his filthy fuckin’ Bluejeans. Spit ahinnws hia bikwe boota to the max. Fucker really treated me like shit & kept remindin’ me that I was a cock suckin’ queer. Dude got me down servicin’ a few other bluejeans studs. What the fuck? That’s what I dig. Whore for cum & piss from a denim or leather fuck master. Never a problem for me luv bein’ the town piss dump for bull studs in denim & leather & tall fuckin’ boots that need a tongue bath. Ended up gettin’ my ass gang banged in my worn torn jeans. NUTHIN’ BETTER!

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