How To Choose a Rim Chair

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I am looking to buy a rim chair recently…and found out there are several types on the market:

Adjustable Rim Chair


Classic design (You will see this one in most gay rimming videos)

Adjustable Legs for different height

Portable (You can easily put them inside your luggage)


The height will be fixed during the play;

Most of the time you need some pillows to raise up your pals’ head to do the rim job


If you are in the Europe:

If you are in the US:

or Fort Troff:

Or Pig Boi:


The Rim Rocker

This is an upgrade version of the adjustable rim chair, I guess this version better adjust the “height” problem for the gay rimmer.

A Rim Seat with motion for the Top.

This Rim Rocker sways back and forth like a rocking chair so you can bounce on his face! It’s more fun and safer than other products which use dangerous, pinching springs. Grab onto the handles and get (and give) an amazing ass ride!


  •  Front to back motion
  •  Two welded handles
  • Replaceable Seat


Handled T-Leg Rim Seat

This is an upgraded version of the original classic rim chair:

Handled T-Leg Rim Seat

 Joy Rider

Seems this is the ultimate rim chair? Looks like quite comfortable for the rider and the guy doing rimming job:


Unfortunately Mr.S Leather No longer sells them.

Plus, the top can be on the ground, and let the sub riding it. so he can be fucked easily 🙂 and the Top doesn’t need to move at all.

check this video: Getting Fucked by a Nice Cock in the Joyrider



Solved the “height issue”

Can be used as  fucking tool





So far this is my favorite rim chair! Reasonable price with very comfortable sitting feelings. I can sit on it all day long without any discomfort.


Easy to travel with, Light weight


Cheap Price




You can see some actual real pics from here 🙂

Brown Rubber Feeder Teaches Yellow Toilet Slave


Master Toby’s Urine Slave-Brutaltops-196

Cum Pig enjoyed his first Electro Experience


9 thoughts on “How To Choose a Rim Chair”

  1. Thanks for your Rim Seat reviews! We’re the guys who make the first two rim seats that you mention. We make a third version with adjustable t-shaped legs and handles as well. Our company–JIMsupport–wholesales them to most of the fetish stores in the US (and many around the world, too!), but you can also buy direct from us on our web site, We have a mailing list you can join to get news about special deals and sales!

  2. I’ve spent a lot of hours with my ass on a rim seat, mostly on homemade types with 4 pipes as legs attached to a seat with 4 flanges. I’ve also been on #1 and #3 and didn’t particularly like either one, but the other example shown with #1 (all black with just two vertical legs) would no doubt be the best set up!

  3. i search a special rim seat with a wood box. head of slave is in the box and above there is a hole for ass of master ; i dont know where i can find this ream seat ……

  4. I’m curious how much weight it can support. And what’s better, stationary or rocker? Any help Appreciated Thanks G

  5. Very good reviews about one of my favorite pieces of ‘furniture’. I’m also interested in obtaining a box style.

  6. The Joy Rider is no longer made. Mister S. no longer has them in stock and the maker is selling the business including the website ( ). If you go to that site you’ll find a phone number to contact the person selling the business.


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