Looking for a 24/7/365 Total Ownership?

Looking for a 24/7/365 Live-in SLAVE right now.


Here’s your typical day:

In the Morning:

you prepare my breakfast and wake me up;

you put on your rubber suit(front in chastity, back in butt plug), and put on your regular work clothes, then add rubber socks over your cotton socks, wear boots under your pants for work;

then you serve ME putting on my work clothes(gear inside too of course);


During the day:

your phone is GPS enable and been monitored, so I know where you are anytime;

your texts, calls, app data in your phone will be monitored by ME 24/7;

report to ME anything you have done for the day;

obey any orders I made for you;


After work:

you kiss My boots before entering My apt;

take off your work clothes and put on gear;

clean My boots with your tongue;

worship My never-washed socks;

clean My feet;

give ME a massage;

prepare for dinner;


At night:

be my footrest when I am at work;

be my ashtray when I smoke my cigar;

be my table when I drink my beer;

be my company when I watching TV;

be my teddy bear when I go to sleep.


There are plenty of ways to HUMILIATE you IN PUBLIC:

Wet your pants with my piss before you leave, so the whole world will know “you wet your pants”;
Order you to get my drink when wearing a big neck chain with Master lock on the street;
A dog shock collar on your neck, so when you are not obedient, I can punish you right away;
Butt plug with remote control for the same above purpose;
Kiss my Boots in public;


I monitor your cellphone GPS, texts, calls via spy app or iCloud;
I manage your online dating accounts and emails;
I decide what you eat, what you wear, and when to go to sleep;

you should understand that not only your mind, your body is owned by ME as well. that process can go through my sadistic pleasure way,  such as whipping, etc.


All your bank accounts (retirement account included) are controlled by ME;
your checks deposit directly to My account monthly;
you use debit card for daily purchase;
your monthly spending is controlled by ME;
your credit report is constantly monitored by ME, so you have no way to open any credit card for your own spending

If all these didn’t scare you, I think we are a match.












    slave genuine; looking for a Master for 24/7/365 Ownership of slave cunt.

  2. jymybotas says:

    dam you are a real dominant one

  3. Luis N. says:

    I luv your post . looking for master, me 42 young years old, total slave, never been one but know I am one and all that seems ideal. I know I would be a great slave.

  4. Peter says:

    I would love to be a 24/7/365 Live-in SLAVE for you right now!

  5. Pup Wolf says:

    Love rubber or leather always…….

  6. NaHasHiel says:

    Respects, Master,
    just to say I d love you to keep my cb’key. Now wearing for 93 days.
    on my kneels,

  7. hello,sir.
    I’m very interested in you.
    I want to Serve you!!!

  8. Emílio says:

    I wanna lick all your body in leather! I’m gonna say it again: you’re the hottest guy I’v ever seen. I wanna serve you, sir. Please!

  9. christophe says:

    Pity the slave is too old to become a 24/7/365 slave… it likes the “typical day” very much…

  10. brett says:

    can we talk i would i like apply sir

  11. Hello Master, I am a slave-cunt,and it would live to service you and your heavenly leather boots, and enjoy your devine unwashed socks, this cunt will obey every comand and do everything that’s in you have put on here.

  12. slave dan says:

    MASTER knows how to entrap potential slave dogs. Experience counts!! Worship SIR

  13. My former Master like to invite friends over after i prepared them a lavish steak dinner. My meal was rice boiled in his piss and i had to eat it off of his boots. If his boots and the floor was not perfectly cleaned up and if there was even one bit of rice, i was strung up and beaten to the delight of his guests.

  14. doug says:

    Sir, i did want to ask you this one question as you seem so knowledge in this world of Master and slave relationships. Is it possible that a sub can be addicted to slavery especially to Asian and Black Masters? It is all I think about every day is to live a life hard labor for my Master, total degradation, sexual servitude and being kept naked and chained for long periods of time. This is why your videos have been so beneficial in deepening my submissive mindset. i could even consider paying a Master for a long weekend of total slavery, but i do not know of any training camps of Masters that perform such services.

  15. michael says:

    it has given a Master it’s passwords for online sites such as RECON and COLLARSPACE. it also gave a Master personal contacts to be used for blackmail purposes.

    Desire total, no-way-out control.

  16. Gary says:

    Str8 lad here desperate for captivity used by u no limits 07404630854

  17. kim behm says:

    I would like to be ur slave also…i,m from Finland

    36 yo 180 cm and 79 kg

    i,m sorry Sir..but i don’t know is this place free anymore? Thats why short message at first

  18. kim behm says:

    sorry Sir…correct email..2 x mm

  19. frank says:

    all I ever dreamt of and more!!!
    with kindest regards

  20. Thiago Goulart says:

    Hi SIR! This cunt simply loved that, how should I be of service?

    I would love to serve you and be minded controlled by YOU.

    Would love to also only smoke when you order me to.

    I’m a 30 y/o, Brazilian boy.
    May we?

  21. Thiago Goulart says:

    Oi SIR,
    Brazilian slave cunt, who’d love to be 24/7/365 only for YOU, SIR.
    Please accept me. Love to serve YOU very well!

  22. Please accept this object’s offering of obedience and utter agreement and desire to surrender and endure extremely discomforting and sadistic abuses at the hands of you and your friends immediately and extensively SIR.
    It has experience in most all aspects of surrender Sir. Sexually, domestically, and obediently.
    It’s only inexperienced activity involves scat Master.

    It is offering you it’s freedom and removal of ability to act freely or against your demands Sir.

    True, TPE-influenced slave property for potential owner to make into complete, owned and enslaved property.. Kept and chained down into eternal servitude under Master’s boots…

    Slim, Hairy
    Slim, Hairy
    Short, Brown
    Designer stubble
    A few
    Bottom only
    L, Uncut
    Safer sex
    Needs discussion
    Leather, Sportsgear, Rubber, Underwear, Skins & Punks, Boots, Uniform

  23. Michael Johnson says:

    Sounds like a great life

  24. Slave#108 says:

    Hello master is love to be your slave 24/7/365 I’m 13yrs old I want you to control my mind obey you’re every command I would love to swallow your never washed socks and be on all fours for you

  25. ilium says:

    Sir BootedRay, I have been following your cyber presence and offer myself to you as a full-time 365/24/7 slave in the flesh.

  26. Martin says:

    Hi I am looking for a master love the sound of all this. And the videos that I have watched.

  27. munyaneza steven says:

    am a submissive at heart and truly need a Master to serve but i think intellect should not be abondoned!
    for example i would great you neeling down before you, i would prepare you food everyday & serve it on the table for you, i would clean the house & your clothes all the time, i would suck your cock & swallow your cum becuase of much love & respect i have for you. but i would not clean your boots with my toung becuase it can cause me disease, i would not also go in public with wet pants its not wise. i think i need a husband not a Master. thank you.

  28. Pau says:

    Hello! How can I serve you?
    Are you in Europe now?

  29. scott says:

    i’m in toronto canada 6’2″ 180 lbs orally skilled total bottom, good pain tolerance my mouth is good urinal for you and love to swallow your cum, cigerrette or cigar burns pierce my scrotum attach a loop ering so you can attach dog dof leash to it and ld me around wherever you want rent me to others you keep the money of coureyou set the limits the get to apply

  30. Joan says:

    Hello master! Where do you live? How can I serve you? I’m a 28 year old guy from Spain. Are you still looking for relationship? My respects.

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