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Forced Cigar Smoke in Head Box

Serious Male Institute has made a new transparent head box, so I went there to try the new toy with a slave. He was forced cigar smoke in head box. […]

Bondage Chair in Cigar Gasmask

Serious male bondage is making a new bondage chair, so I tried it out with a boy lately with me enjoying my cigar 🙂             […]

Slave in Prison

By the invite of Serious Male Bondage, I went to north California to take some videos. It was quite a fantastic experience, and here comes to the slave in prison […]

Slave in Bondage Box & Bondage Chair

This is another favourite video of mine, slave in bondage box!               Slave out of the cage:  

Piss Recycle System

My friend B has a piss recycle system, and I tried it for the first time.     Here is part 1:  

Electro Torture in Underground Cell

This is one of my favorite. One of my dream house is to build a underground cell, and with lots of electro torture devices around it!         […]