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My Videos – Boots Worship

Here is another favourite topic of mine – boots worship! Licking My Boots While Been Whipped WORSHIP & OBEY

My New Leather Dehner Patrol Boots Just Arrived!

      Waited for 2 months, finally my leather dehner patrol boots arrived this week! What a surprise!  I already have a pair of wesco boots and chippewa patrol […]

Dog Day – Raw and Rough

Dog Day – Raw and Rough While out for a walk, Alejandro happens upon dog boy Alex in his cage. Alejandro lets him out and starts to have fun with […]

Boot Slave Training – nycbootstud – xtube

When you get a new pair of boots, you need to break them in. just like that, when you have a new boot slave, you need to have some boot […]

How to Enjoy your Boot Slave – nycbootstud – xtube

Boot Slave J in Stockade Sucking my cock Fucking and spanking boot slave J in stockade until I came I was just going to fuck him for a bit. Once […]

How to keep a Boot Slave Strong and Healthy – nycbootstud – xtube

Here are a few videos can show you how to keep your boot slave strong and healthy everyday from xtube. Slave J – Pushup Training 1 Training slave to lick […]

About Me

My name is Ray, and I am a gear  lover (so far I already have tons of leather, rubber and boots). I am in boots most of the time at […]

rubber surf suit with black rubber boots

Wellie with Rubber Surf Suit inside his Overalls

This week, wellie went to Sweden to have his work in a farm, so I asked him to wear rubber surf suit inside his overalls, and plus a black rubber […]

wesco boots

Lonely, Lonely? – My Boots Collection

How many days, how many nights, I was dreaming my Mr.Right? I admit, I expect a lot, I am Gay, and I hope my gay leather / rubber/ boots bf […]

bootedray in black and white boots

My Cowboy Boots

I got this pair of cowboy boots one year ago, it’s a gift from a friend 😉 It’s made in California by a really famous maker, he said it’s around […]