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Human Dog Training – Breederfuckers

Human Dog Training from Breederfuckers: One way to break down an arrogant thick-headed hetero is to turn him into an animal. At BreederFuckers, George is stripped naked and has his […]

Hard Fucking Pig’s Threesome Journey – Breederfuckers

Breederfucks Scotty’s sleek muscular swimmer’s body was made to be naked. He’s collared and brought to his knees like an obedient slave to service angry men’s desire. It’s important for an […]

How to Train a Hardcore Slave – BreederFuckers

In order to properly train this head-strong hetero he must be first placed in the most excruciating bondage at BreederFuckers. Bound with his arms behind his back and his cock […]

A Muscular Straight Rugby Guy is Been Lured by Breederfuckers

Rugby tough guy Daniel falls into the BreederFuckers lair. The proud straight boy is used to being lusted after on the pitch and banter with his equally straight team mates […]

How to Pleasure a Man’s Stiff Prick – BreederFuckers

New at BreederFuckers, champion swimmer Scotty is riding high on success winning medals and million-pound sponsorship deals are coming at him left and right. His body is in prime condition, […]

Straight Cunt in a Forest – Breederfuckers – 0396

Blonde blue eyed hetero Edward finds himself naked and hanging from a tree at BreederFuckers. Toby is bent on humiliating the straight cunt and causing him sexual pain. He cling […]

A Pig Locked in Stocks – BreederFuckers – 0397

At BreederFuckers muscular stud Wayne clings to his macho pride so he’s locked in the stocks wearing only his tight white pants to humble him. Even with the bad men […]

A Slave’s Most Degrading and Humiliating position-breederfuckers-0394-004

At BreederFuckers stuck up Aiden thinks he belongs on a pedestal but he’s in the most degrading and humiliating position now. Tied naked on a bench with his spider gag […]

Blond Straight Guy is Gagged and Been Forced Fucking by Breederfuckers 0392

At BreederFuckers Bobby’s arms are bound together and tied to the ceiling. With his cock and balls firmly tied to his feet this boy isn’t going anywhere. No matter how […]

Master Toby Made The Slave Cried – Breederfuckers

Gagged and blindfolded Kieran is led into the BreederFuckers room having no idea what’s going to happen to him. His cock is secured in a vice making the straight man […]