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How a Master Training his dog

Master Z Trains Dungeon Dog / pup & slave Training Master Z in a training session with Dungeon dog. Putting him into pup mode and taking him further into the […]

Dog Day – Raw and Rough

Dog Day – Raw and Rough While out for a walk, Alejandro happens upon dog boy Alex in his cage. Alejandro lets him out and starts to have fun with […]

Dogslave Training – BDSM – punishmentlads – xtube

dogslave boot worship chilling out with a cigar and a beer whilst my Wesco boots are licked and kissed by dog slave and rewarding it with a face fucking   […]

Rubber Pup Training – BlaezWolfPup – xtube

Skinhead playing with rubber pup My Owner and me playing tug and stuff. NOTE: On the back of the suit it says “KODIPUP”. Kodi was an old name of mine […]

Dog Training – Brian 8 – Straight Hell

Straight Hell Brain 8 – Dog Training Main Scene: Tied up and put on a leash, dog training, made to painfully crawl on knees and elbows, ordered to wiggle his […]