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Brutal Tops – Master Shamus Training this Pathetic Sub -149

  Training this pathetic sub is taking much longer than Master Shamus first thought; He’s building up quite a sweat from all the punishments he’s having to dish out. Putting […]

Breath Control with Humiliating Fart – Brutaltops 131

I like this breath control session of Brutal Tops, guess what a great way of humiliating a slave:  force him to breath his fart! Derek has placed an airtight rubber […]

Toilet slave Training Session – Brutal Tops 122

This week’s Brutal Tops are hot! Another toilet slave training session! Two Tops torturing and humiliating the slave! At BrutalTops Derek and Guy put pig peter to work as their […]

Speical Cocktail to Humiliate the slave -BrutalTops 118

Rock God Joel and Master Toby at BrutalTops know that pathetic slutty subs thirst for any contact with their perfect masculine bodies. They get off on humiliating him by making […]

Two Sadistic Masters Torturing their slave-BrutalTops-117

Ever seen a hot looking gang of miscreant young men and wondered what it would be like to live under their sexual control? At BrutalTops scally lads Nick and Lukas […]

BrutalTops -Toilet slave Training -114

At BrutalTops, scally lad Nick and handsome chav Lukas are tough thugs with insatiable sexual appetites who really know how to use and humiliate subordinate men. Nick is enjoying a […]

Slave Humiliation Ideas

Any fantasy about you been humiliated ? I am planning to execute this list one by one to my slaves. feel free to add more! (German version in the end) […]

A Special Slave Drink – zsolex -xtube

Q: How is a slave drink been made? A: Fresh from Master’s socks and shoes!!! a good slave drink with my smelly and dirty socks. My slave drinks my slave […]

Slave Humiliation -xtube -DerBoss85

DerBoss85 really knows slave humiliation, he wears a hot Nike Sox, and ordering his slaves to lick his sneakers, drink his piss, eat his spit…. Sneaker Sox Feet Worship -DerBoss85 […]