Brown Rubber Gimp

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Some old pics of me training my brown rubber gimp when I was living in Hollywood!

He is such a toilet faggot!

Look at how dirty his waders! Full of piss, cum, and sweat 🙂

My favorite duck tape treatment for this rubber gimp

Rubber slave is licking my boots now

Look at that thirsty slave tongue!

Isn’t that awesome? Brown rubber color 🙂

And boots licking again!

What I should do next for this rubber gimp?

Yes, clean my dirty rubber riding boots!

And choke this fucking rubber slave!


Super Shining Dehner Leather Boots

My Human Astray At Home


6 thoughts on “Brown Rubber Gimp”

  1. “He is such a toilet faggot!“

    What I would give to be your ‘toilet faggot’, Oh Master Ray 🙇🏻‍♂️

  2. So why won’t you repeat a rubber gimp and film again as the toilet helplessly ? But blowing things into a gas mask that would be hot under a rim chair perm….


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