Gay Rubber Slave Training with Skinhead Master

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Last weekend I had some fun doing a bit of rubber slave training with this cute boy. He just got his first rubber! How exiting!

Since he has the full black and red rubber catsuit, I put on a red chastity lock on his slave cock.

Enjoying my skinhead boots stomping.

His cock was leaking from my boots stomping.

Look at those shining skinhead boots.

You want to lick them too?

Nice view from this cute rubber slave.

Of course his ass cannot be empty 🙂

He has a nice butt, right?

Of course, he needs a neck chain.

Now licking my skinhead boots.

and I am enjoying my marlboro reds 😉

What is waiting for this gay rubber slave ?

Now drinking my piss!

This is one of my fav rubber urial hood.








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1 thought on “Gay Rubber Slave Training with Skinhead Master”

  1. MASTER BOOTEDRAY, Great hot and exciting pictures of slave.

    Stunning new picture with MASTER’S orange jacket and orange boots on RECON.

    Is MASTER still sending out pictures on line? slave is having trouble locating MASTER’S videos. How can slave locate them? Thank you MASTER.

    manxx on RECON


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