I am a Gay WADERS MAN !

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Bought a new pair of Pro-Line Chest Waders on eBay, and cannot wait to put them on.

It is much longer than I expected:

gay waderstwo waders on the floor

The feeling of holding them tight is so good 🙂

holding my waders

Back of my chest waders:

back view of my wadersFrom the back of my new CHEST WADERS

I also have another pair of brown waders, so I wonder if I could turn them into a gay wader man’s hands.

chest waders on hands

See my left hand? already in one waders!

Getting my right hand in waders

Getting my right hand into another waders.

Getting into my right hand in waders

Now who I am?

My two new "hands"-wadersHow's my two new hands look like?

Oh, I am in heaven, using my two new “hands” to play my nipples…

Wanna Join me? Send me an email and let’s become wader friends 🙂

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5 thoughts on “I am a Gay WADERS MAN !”

  1. Hi, fellow rubber fan since a kid. Need waders like you have with rubber on inside so no need to wear anything underneath. You look so hot in that gear guys must pass out. Would like chest waders like that only like ovealls so could wear separate shiny rubber boots below.

  2. quand j ai mis le wader j enfile un sac par la tete qui descend jusqu a la taille mon partenaire me le sangle avec une ceinture bien serree j etouffe sous le sac et je jouis a donf


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