Piss Recycle System

My friend B has a piss recycle system, and I tried it for the first time.



Here is part 1:



What is NEXT?

You will receive the video link from a separate email after you finish the paypal payment


  1. Frerrman says:

    This is AMazing , what a lucky bitch to be part of your pissing recycled system , I guess the middle part of the system is replaceable , please use me next

  2. Yelk says:

    Hey, where did he bought the urine recylce system? I want one!

  3. Jon says:

    I purchased the video last week and I’ve received nothing.

    • BootedRAY says:

      Hi, can you give me another email address ? Your originally email address reject the link I sent earlier.

  4. Pascal says:

    I just downloaded part 2, but there is no ton !
    Is this normal ?

  5. Marc says:

    the link to pay will not work

  6. thomas says:

    Can I buy now???

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