Rubber Toilet Slave Training

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One day before our vacation, I trained my rubber toilet slave for some dirty actions. He is getting more and more experienced being my toilet slave.

Looking good in his rubber shirt, right ?

Now under my rim chair

Do you like my yellow rubber shirt and the brown waders?

Oh, my toilet slave is ready

Want to try it?



Here is the full video:

Who wants to be my next toilet slave?



Sunday Trip in My Full Rubber Uniform

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11 thoughts on “Rubber Toilet Slave Training”

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  2. This guy is my ultimate dream of a feeder. I’d love to be forced to swallow his entire load and lots more.

  3. MASTER, it has always loved this video of MASTER feeding his slave. Soo very hot and love the control MASTER shows and has there for the whole scene and the enjoyment MASTER shows. it would do this for MASTER, and no-one else.


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