Slave in Prison

By the invite of Serious Male Bondage, I went to north California to take some videos. It was quite a fantastic experience, and here comes to the slave in prison serious. I think all of you will like it ­čÖé








Here are the screenshots of the slave in prison video(┬áSKLAVE im Gefa╠łngnis ? )

Slave was captured in the car.

I went out to help out my friend to carry out the “prison”

The “prison” was struggling.

We carried him to the “prison”

First secure this slave!

If he struggles, I will use this stun gun

Choking him…

Checking out his height

First initiating him by lock him inside the dark house

He was in…


Now in cage

He was sleeping

Light Punishment for the slave


He was a bad boy!

Electro shock collar for him!

Out for further punishment



Here is the slave in prison part 1:

What is NEXT?

You will receive the video link from a separate email after you finish the paypal payment


  1. Howard Babich says:

    Paid $19.99 twice to watch additional parts of the video through Paypal but was not redirected to the video.

    • BootedRAY says:

      the link should sent to your paypal email. can you check your scam folder in your mailbox?

      just issued you a refund of 19.99USD.

      let me know if it works ­čÖé

  2. Tee says:

    Hi there, I received a RECEIPT to my Paypal email but no download (or streaming) link.

  3. Tee says:

    Sorry, just came through. All good. Thanks.

  4. manxx says:


    What is the name and the contact information for the prison in north California, please, MASTER? Thank you MASTER BOOTEDRAY.

    totally obedient no limits slave.

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