Slave Training Week

I am a little upset lately, tired of been single. Where is my Mr. Right?

Well, before that, I may just enjoy some sex. 4 slave trainings in a row. lol


Slave 1 : Force Piss Drinking with Electro on his Butt

Later on I put PIG-HOLE in his ass. first time he tried that.

Perfect for fucking. unfortunately he couldn’t hold longer. Too big 🙂

Slave 2: First time in rubber, and force electro fucking

He had a great smile. Unfortunately was been hooded and tied to my ottoman.

Electro Butt plug

He loves it so much

and something on his cock

Poor Rubber Boi

Slave 3: Piss drinking and Fucking

Boot Sniffing

Slave 4 : A German visitor, I taught him how to smoke a cigar for the first time

Boot licking





  1. Roberto says:

    master how can I become your 24-7 365 slave forever. master I want to be your slave for the rest of my life master.

  2. manxx says:


    I would very much like to be trained as a total slave by you, SIR.

    total slave.

  3. manxx says:


    I would love to be trained by you, SIR.


  4. LEDFLEXBLN says:

    SSIR RAY. Leather rubber slave thilo’d be happy to if I belong to their property and allowed. SSIR RAY would sslave thilo really happy if it would get a chance. sslave thilo

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