Smelly Socks, Stinky Feet and Dirty Boots

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I have a special interest in the smell of gear: smelly socks, stinky feet, stinky sneakers, dirty boots…

Such as leather smell, rubber smell…they are like natural poppers for me. I like to wear a gas mask and only breath my gear smell.

Besides that, I also like the smell of stinky socks/jockstrap/boots…not stinky, but just enough stink! gear mix with man scent is enjoying. Especially when you wear your leather or rubber boots for a long time, your boots will mix your scent with the boot material. I usually like to put my nose inside it and have a big sniff.

A friend told me how  to get your socks smelly:

1. don’t wash it;

2. wear for a long time;

3. seal your socks in a plastic bag when you are not wearing it;

4. piss on your socks.

I did follow his instructions to have smelly socks, but the scent getting a little too much. lol…I like the smell in the middle, not mild, but also not too strong.


That’s why I have a turn on for dirty workers. They sweat in their gear and get their gear dirty also. It’s a good man cologne for me – men scent.


dirty jockstrap


Fully Rubberized at Home


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  1. Hey bud,
    I came across your web sight and its Dam Hot, ur pics got me boned instantly and I to am into same stuff , Lov guy smell and well worn dicks and jockstraps. Hit me back if you like.
    Thanks for ur time.


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