Trying Out Raw Dawg with My Slave

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I bought this Raw Dawg for a while now, but haven’t used it often enough. So today I made it useful again 🙂


He has a smooth body.

My waders need some attentions.


Vibrating nipple clams

Forgot what’s the name of this one

Again, piss is my fav.

My piss is pretty strong!

Took quite some time to put it in

Ready for my pierced cock



Been blind-folded, tied to my bed. Quite good, right?



Brutaltops – Force Feeding for Slave

Fisting in Red Rubber Gloves


1 thought on “Trying Out Raw Dawg with My Slave”

  1. Master BootedRay’s slave was a bad boy and made a mess, allowing BootedRay’s superb piss to fall to the floor. As punishment, and to humiliate the slave so that it learns that everything — cum, piss, spit, sweat — that comes out of BootedRay’s body is a precious and delicious gift generously given to the slave’s mouth or ass, the bad slave should have been made to drink and lick BootedRay’s piss off the floor. An excitingly degrading scenario would also have his Master walking through His piss in His waders, and having the bad slave lick the piss — every last drop — from the heels of his suoerior Asian Master’s waders. Repeat as often as needed and deserved.


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