Vacation in Thailand

Finally I can have some vacation this year…and as a Master, it is always essential to fly with a business 🙂

and later we were at HK airport lounge…we went to all 3 major lounges, so far the Cathay Pacific is the best..a bit disappointed that AX lounge is so so

After arriving the hotel in Thailand, they gave us some drink for our executive president suit. I like the bottle, very nice.

and now….I am horny…

We fuck near the window, such a nice view fucking around 🙂

And later that night..some nice dinner











and, of course in a public toilet..we had public sex :


  1. jamie says:

    very fitting for a Master of your caliber Sir …… Cathay Pacific is the best and the Hong Kong airport is quite nice ……. looks like you found a wonderful hotel with excellent fare Sir have a good trip Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sir

  2. manxx says:


    All looks very hot and very stunning and very wonderful and very sexy and sexual. Love it all.


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