Wellie in Full Rubber Near a Store – 20120626

Last week he was in full rubber in a station, this week, he changed to a store. good choice,boy!

He went out in rubber polo, rubber jeans and Nora Anton rubber boots.

I asked if he just took pics outside, he said no, “I did go in the store with my rubber, bought some stuff, had to ask for directions in the store, stood in the line to pay etc.  ”

Glad he did that. otherwise only wearing full rubber and  taking  pics outside is not a real rubber slut.

Pity no one came talked to him, or ask what he was wearing. haha

Here is a close look of him. I like that rubber polo.

Not so clear on this pic, but certainly you know he was in full rubber. 😀

He was in his new catsuit, 0.33mm, with yellow strips. when seeing this outfit, I had a strong desire to put my piss inside his yellow rubber waders and inside his catsuit! hehe



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