Wellie’s Rubber on the Street Project 20121020

Haven’t heard from wellie for a while, glad to received his email a few days ago, he is still doing his rubber on the street project! I know he is quite busy with his work and other stuff, but he will contiune doing it.

Here is his email:


Hello Master,

Last weekend your whore was out on the streets of Antwerp twice, two days in a row it visited the Boots and ended up being doublefisted. Once in the evening so only clear pics were when before leaving the house, the other time another visitor to the Boots was found to take a pic outside.

Rubber greetings
Your rubberwhore






  1. sonydeboer says:

    amazing post……..amazing pics!!!

  2. Pilotm50 says:

    Fantastic pics. Love your Streets project. Love to walk out with you.

    • BootedRAY says:

      Haha. Glad you enjoy it! We should show the world it is quite normal and acceptable to wear rubber on the street 😛

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