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Lighting Up My First Cigar

Lighting up my first cigar in full leather in my apt in SF. –a few weeks ago, I got a online deal that they have 10 cigar samples. so I […]

Feeling Sadistic in Leather Today

I think from my pics, you know what leather turn me into…lol                    

I am a Rubber Fisting Whore and Outdoor Exhibitionist ! – cybergayman – xtube

    Ran into this SUPER SUPER HOT Rubber Fisting Whore on gayromeo…and he is really happy to let everyone knows what a fisting whore he is!   Yes, this […]

My Gear List

Doing an inventory this week, sold my two pair of leather boots, and planning to buy some new ones. What gear I should buy next? 1. My Leather Gear 1.1 Red […]

Cigar and Leather BB Fucking

Cigar and Leather BB Fucking Piglist: very sensual two leather guys having a cigar, sucking…. awesome chemistry between the two of them!!!! Later on, they begin bb fucking… cigar and […]

Boy’s First Time in Leather Experience -xtube -masterandboys

First time in leather 18 yr old boi Boy’s First time in leather he is in leather chaps, leather vest, and a leather mask, licking his man’s leather pants Leather […]

Leather Muscle Man and his Boy – nymuscleleather – xtube

Leather Muscle Man + MY BOY I Leather Muscle Man + MY BOY II ME + MY Leather BOY , some loving, some whips MY Leather BOY LOVES THE LEATHER […]

How a Police Leather Guy and a Skinhead Fucking Each Other – xtube

Police Leather Guy Police Man Fucks Sleazy Leather Guy Fuck the Skinhead Leather Police Guy fucks a sleazy Skinhead raw Skinhead Revenge I Skinhead fucks the Police Leather Guy Skinhead […]

Dogslave Training – BDSM – punishmentlads – xtube

dogslave boot worship chilling out with a cigar and a beer whilst my Wesco boots are licked and kissed by dog slave and rewarding it with a face fucking   […]

About Me

My name is Ray, and I am a gear  lover (so far I already have tons of leather, rubber and boots). I am in boots most of the time at […]